When cracks ¼ to ½ are sealed at the proper time 2 to 4 years of pavement life can be expected before 5 other treatments are required. Studies have shown that for every 1 dollar spent on crack sealing saves about 4 dollars in rehabilitation cost.

Cracks must be clean and dry for proper application. Cracks will be cleaned using high-pressure air and high BTU flame in the form of a “heat lance”. A herbicide will be applied to cracks, as necessary where vegetation is a major problem.

The crack sealant is a high quality rubberized petroleum based material, which is flexible at sub-zero temperatures, and resists tracking at hot summer temperatures. This material is heated to 390 degrees in thermostatically controlled, oil jacketed, double boiler melter. This insures that the material is not over heated, which causes loss of required properties. The material is formulated with selected asphalt, plasticizers, polymers and reinforcing fillers. This product meets or exceeds Federal Specification SS-S-164, and is NJDOT approved for use on Highways and airports.

The sealant is applied to the clean, dry crack using a pressurized wand to maintain proper temperatures thereby insuring good adhesion. The sealant is self-leveling and any excess material will be squeegeed for a neat, appearance.

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