One of the most important elements of a pavement management plan in increasing the useful life of your asphalt investment. Along with the beautification aspect, sealer also has helpful qualities against major asphalt destroyers, such as sun, weather, and automobile fluids. It is one of the most inexpensive ways to add curb appeal to your parking lot.

Our sealer is spray applied with two coats and meets and/or exceeds all federal specs.


Clean entire area with Tennant power sweeper and all handwork using wire brooms and power blowers. Properly dispose of all dirt and debris. Scrape, burn and clean oil spots. Apply oil spot primer (Tarlock) to prevent oil from bleeding through sealer.

The sealer is a specially formulated coal tar emulsion protective coating. The coal tar emulsion is manufactured to meet Federal Specifications RP-355e. The sealer will be mixed with 4-6 pounds of silica sand per gallon of coal tar and 4% latex additive. Water is added to final mix at a rate of 40 gallons per 100 gallons of coal tar. The materials are metered to insure consistent mix designs. Mixing is done with a full sweep agitator and is mixed continuously during application.
After proper preparation apply the first coat. Using high-pressure spray applicator and/or squeegees and protective “boards” to avoid splashing on curbs, sidewalks or buildings. The balance of the application is done using a high-pressure spray applicator. The spray bar will be used on most areas, unless space is limited, and then a hand held spray wand will be used. The spray bar is ten feet wide and uses ten spray heads for even distribution of sealer. After the first coat has dried a second coat is applied using the same process. The lot should dry for 24 hours before opening to traffic.

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